The Replica Sidcot provides a practical and cost effective vintage equipment solution in keeping warm in an open cockpit environment.

High quality materials of cotton and fleeces employed.

These hand made, individually tailored items are manufactured in the Czech Republic to a very high standard.

The most historically accurate reproduction of this famous flying suit available today.

As near accurate colouring to the original of the outer garment as possible with current availability.

Chest map and thigh pockets.

Heavy fleece lining.

Free kit bag, spare buttons and material for repairs included.

The Bottom Line.
An accurate copy, or licence made Irvin, costs £630:00. The sheepskin leggings cost the same again, making £1,260:00 for heavy and bulky cold weather flying gear.

Our Pterodactyl replica handmade Sidcot Suit cost a fraction of the above at £350:00. There is no VAT.
And there are no delivery charges to within Europe (To be reviewed in December 2015)